What Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mail as a communicating message to an audience. This term usually refers to email that are being send over by the internet and can include:

Why Email Marketing is Important

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective and fastest ways to communicate with your customers. It’s therefore a great way to manage customer relationships, generate new leads and take advantage of market opportunities in record time. Easily personalized, Email Marketing gives you the flexibility to test different campaigns with different markets and makes tracking results easy. Its comparably fast response rates also means that you can tweak campaigns after testing to achieve a higher success rate. But don’t be fooled, achieving success can be much harder than this seemingly simple ‘click and send’ marketing tool would have you believe.

What to do before Create an Email Marketing Campaign

Before conducting an email marketing campaign it’s essential you’re up-to-date on email marketing protocols and privacy regulations, have selected the right email solution for your needs and budget, and you have a firm grasp on ways to get your message read.

Rules to Start Email Marketing Campaign


Always have permission. The best way to do this is to ask a person’s permission at the time of collecting the email address. Include an opt-in tick box on data collection forms or ask when you’re speaking to people if it’s okay to send marketing material.

Check List:

When buying/obtaining mailing lists don’t assume the inclusion of an email address gives you permission to market electronically. Always check with the list supplier what the recipients on the list have agreed to receive. You’ll lose credibility if you’re perceived to be spamming people and could end up breaching the Privacy Act.

Customers Privacy:

Protect your customers’ privacy. If you’re using a standard email program to send your email, always use the BCC (blind copy) feature. This will stop your recipients from getting the email, addresses of all the other recipients that your message was sent to. Even if your mailing list members are trustworthy, you can’t be sure that their computers aren’t infected with a virus that will spread to all your customers once it finds the addresses in your newsletter.

Protect Computers:

Protect your computers with anti-virus software and keep it updated. If you send someone a virus, you’ll lose credibility.

Link and Privacy Policy:

Include an unsubscribe link and privacy policy. Make sure your email contains easy to find “unsubscribe” and “our privacy policy” links, and that protocols are in place to action responses/unsubscribes promptly.


Just because you’re losing a mailing list member, doesn’t mean you’re losing a customer, yet. But make it hard for people to change their subscription options and they’ll take their business elsewhere.

Limit Amount:

Limit the amount of campaigns you send. Your customers won’t appreciate being bombarded by emails. It’s a sure fire way to have your emails ignored or worse lose a subscriber and customer.


Email Marketing Provides a very inexpensive way of communicating with your target audience.



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