What is Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle mainly includes following healthy eating habits, taking adequate sleep, get plenty of fresh air and squeezing in some time for physical exercise each day.

Healthy Habits

It is time people should understand that our health is of utmost importance and it is only when we are healthy would we be able to work efficiently on other aspects of our lives. Developing healthy habits requires just a few changes in the daily routine. we have to maintain healthy habit like healthy eating, physical exercise, healthy drinking avoiding smoking, get plenty of sleep, keep brain active, think positively.

Importance of Healthy Life Style

  • It makes you more organized and increases productivity.
  • It makes you physically fit and help to maintain good health .
  • It is a great way to live stress free.
  • It renders a positive outlook.
  • It brings us closer to our family and loved ones.
  • It will make your health away from disease by having Nutritious Diet.

Improve Physical Health

Physical health can be maintained through eating healthy and balanced diet and doing physical activities like exercise. We should also refrain from smoking can be injurious to health. Good physical health also affects the sound spiritual health.

Effects of Unhealthy Life Style

Leading a unhealthy lifestyle will lead to deadly diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, kidney failure, lung damage and bone disease.


A healthy lifestyle requires us to maintain a balance between the spiritual and material to prevent various modern diseases and so we can continue this life to stay healthy and orderly.



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