How Body Gains Weight

The main contributor to body weight gain is Carbohydrates, Glucose the main food component received by the human body from foods prepared from wheat and other cereals.

Why it is important to control weight gain

Weight gain or obesity is widely known as mother of diseases. There are several health related problems that arise out of poor weight control. To name a few, diabetes, high blood pressure, early effects of aging, heart diseases, osteoarthritis, cancer, impotency etc. are mainly contributed by obesity. In order to prevent from these and many more diseases, a reasonable weight loss plan is essential. We have to adopt a lifestyle with adequate weight control.

How to Lose Weight

Weight loss is intended for preventing diseases, improving athletic performance and looking attractive. There are several approaches recommended by different health and nutrition specialist to attain optimum weight loss. We will discuss most common approaches here:

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise, especially aerobic exercise, is a good option for attaining weightless. However, only exercise won’t help. The purpose is to bring the body into negative energy balance; hence if you start exercising and increase your diet to multiples of your normal diet, you won’t be able to lose weight. The body weight can also be reduced without exercise only by controlling food intake, but an aerobic as well as weight training exercise is necessary to have a healthy and fit body. Exercise along with diet control is an excellent combination for optimum weight loss.

Therapy or Drugs

Drugs and medicines interacting with body’s processes responsible for weight gain are also used for weight loss as advised by a qualified physician. This can be combination of supplements and drugs that reduce appetite, reduce the absorption of fat and reduce body mass. The food supplements used for the purpose are normally fiber-based and contain cellulose that can satisfy appetite but is not absorbed during digestion. Such drugs or supplements are also known as Appetite Suppressants. Bee Pollen is one of the natural appetite suppressants.


With advent of modern medical sciences and surgical procedures, surgery has also become popular method of weigh loss now days. There are two main types of surgery that are performed for the purpose of weight loss.

Crash Dieting

Crash Dieting refers to intentional restriction on eating for more than 12 hours except drinking water. The body burns fat stored in the body to get required energy resulting significant weight loss in short time. The side effect of this technique is that the body tries to preserve stored fat as its defense mechanism and dissolves lean muscle tissue to produce energy. Thus, this technique is not regarded as better option for weight loss.

Consuming Law Fat Diet

There is a misconception that intake of fatty foods do increase weight. No doubt fat has big role in weight gain, but it is not the intake of fat that contributes mainly in weight gain. Hence, the effect of eating so called low fat diet, which is itself quite heavy in fat, does not contribute significantly to weight loss.

Daily Intake for Weight Loss

Don’t eat processed food, i.e. any food you get in a packet. The processed and preserved foods contain high levels of hydrogenated fats, carbohydrates, and sugar. Hence they are not regarded as healthy foods.

Some Weight Loss Exercise


Swimming is also a good exercise that helps weight loss. Swimming for about 20 to25 minutes daily for 3 to 4 days a week is sufficient to have considerable effect in weight loss objective. Water itself acts as resistance and moving through water re-quires more strength than walking, thus it is more effective than walking. Swimming slowly and adding new styles can further increase effectiveness.


Cycling is also a good exercise to burn energy. Cycling also adds a resistance to legs movement and requires extra force, thus it is also a resistance exercise. Cycling is more effective then walking and helps greatly in weight loss. Running a bicycle for half an hour daily for 5 days a week is regarded as best exercise for weight loss.


The weight loss industry has a great scope in today’s world where unnatural eatinghabits has made obesity a common problem.



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